Alrighty people I'm planning worship again this week

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
after a break to do homework and workshops and such, this week I'm back planning worship.

Any songs you want to sing or things you'd like to try???

This is your big chance here, have a go.


  1. "We're Not Gonna Take It" or maybe "Billie Jean".

  2. Hmmmm...looks like my little joke stifled the conversation here. Or perhaps everyone agrees! :)

  3. How about White Christmas ;)

  4. Do the "Trees of the Field"!!!

    We did that one in church on Sunday.

    And no one but me did the off-beat clap.
    It was lonely.

  5. The off-beat clap is a rarity in evangelical circles. Evangelicals prefer to clap on-beat or just randomly.

  6. I prefer the off beat clap so I must be a rarity.....with Johanna.

    Make that two for White Christmas.

    We're just so hard to manage aren't we, Randall???!!! ;-)

  7. I can't come (sorry I work Sundays); but I've always wanted to try setting up the whole shebang in a circle, kinda like a campfire. But that's just cuz I didn't get to go to camp that much as a kid.

  8. Following Marc's suggestions how about 'Like a virgin'?


    BTW 'Trees of the field' - is that the one that starts 'You shall go out with joy'? I haven't sung that in about 20 years, I reckon.

  9. Anything by Israel Houtin...Great stuff!

  10. What about a hymn? Nobody sings hymns anymore.
    We have a 16 year old girl on our worship team. Everytime we sing a song she doesnt know, she looks at me and says, "hymn?"

  11. That being said, I always enjoyed singing that simon and garfunkel one with you about the guy who got introuble, I forget the name...
    you know,
    "Papa looks down and spits on the ground every time my name get mentions, da da da da get that boy, I 'm gonna stick him in the house of detention. Well I'm on my way, I dont know where Im going, i'm on my way, I'm takin my time but I dont know ......... Good bye Rosie the queen of .........., its me and julio down by the school yard."
    You know, that one!

  12. I'm all for Billie Jean. Maybe we should play some ABBA for all the Swedes at Gateway. It might work? But a good song (or at least I like it) is "You Are Good" by Israel Houghton (if thats how you spell his name). We played it at CBC and it always got me going. Especially if you have the one guy just shouting "hallelujah!" in the mic.

    Maybe ABBA is a good idea.

    If you really wanna get into the Swedish roots, listen to a song called "I am a Viking" by the 80's Swedish Guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. Its a beauty.

  13. "Nobody sings hymns any more" ????

    If that were the case and churches were struggling because they always sing hymns, then the non hymn singing churches should be exploding....

    We’re Not Gonna Take It = Good

    Billie Jean = Bad

    Trees of the Field = Ok. We'll do it. Will you come and do the BGV's for it? Marc is in charge of the clap-ping.

    White Christmas = Was that a smart remark about the last time I asked the people in church what Christmas carols they wanted to sing and 3 said White Christmas? I know where you live Angie!

    setting up the whole shebang in a circle = While I like the idea, the thought sitting across from and watching old man Farqusion sleep and drool and the entire male population under 6 pick their nose and eat it, just about makes me want to not worship God ever again.
    And you should get a Sunday or two off now and then. I think it's in the human rights thing where you can't be forced to work on your Religious day of worship.

    Like a virgin = Good. The best theme related idea offered yet.

    Israel Houtin = Israel Hou??

    Me and julio down by the school yard = Good. I can play it on the guitar. But maybe we should save that one for Grad Sunday.

    ABBA. = Good.

    And the guy who messaged me about a Latin Mass?
    The only Latin I know is Potpouri. And you can't worship God by only talking about dead smelly flowers and such.

  14. Best. reply. ever.

    However, "Billie Jean" = groovy musical genius.

  15. 'Addicted to love' and 'more than a feeling' might go down well, and I've ripped both off shamelessly for guitar parts to use in worship times.


  16. Perhaps I will have to burn a copy of a cd for you to listen to. If you would like, wish, so choose...let me know.

  17. Sure Ang.

    Always open to new music.

  18. Hey, thanks to some's oversight it seems I'm leading worship tomorrow too.

    What's it worth to do 'White Christmas' or 'Billie Jean' then?

  19. Well which ever one you to you should take along your mp3 player that also records and record the set and email it to me. Ill post it!!


  20. RE: in a circle

    As if you couldn't see the sleeping, drool and nose picking from the platform as it is. The only difference is then EVERYONE can see it. Perhaps it's a new form of accountability...

    "I can see that most of us are watching Jimmy digging for treasure... I'll just pause my sermon until he's done, because I can't compete with that."

    It might work...

  21. You could ask him to "send us a postcard when he reaches the top" as my father used to say.


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