A good week.

Friday, May 30, 2008
Friday morning in a week of good life giving discussions.

Last night Lauralea and I met with some people who were checking out Gateway a while ago and we wanted to get together. It's just full of grace to meet again with people of a different life story who have found the hope and reality in God, that they've been needing all their lives.

Visited the two hospital bound 90 year olds and hearing how they are making plans and fully intend on getting back to their homes, whether that is reality or not, makes no difference, they're making plans. And one of them was ready for going home home just a few weeks ago too.

Did the service at the hospital too this week and just blown away again at how God shows up for those people. Maybe it's because of those people. I don't know, but God comes.

And saying goodbye last night to friends who have beew with us a while and have grown and changed so much over the years. Now they move on to the next part of their lives and work. I will miss them deeply but it's good that they go and find new opportunities.

Then working with an intern, a mini-me. And seeing and talking with others in this place who have a call of God on their lives, they are just beginning to hear it and ask how to respond to it. Sometimes it seems everyone around us sees in us the obvious and we are oblivious to it all. We need others to speak into our lives what they see. I've been able to do that a good deal these days and that is an honour and grace to me. Like calling forth life that I see within people. Just so cool.

Even connecting with some of you over this medium, the Internets. To have you tell my your stories, pains and desperations and for me to go to God for you and interact with you, that too is a great honour and opportunity to experience God at work. I have known some of your deepest pain and the struggles goes on. I continue to pray.

And the opportunities that keep coming at me, I ask God who am I? How can I walk these opportunities through in fruitful ways. How have you made me to be? Where and how can I best serve God? What or where or who will I give the remaining parts of my life to?

If truth be told, these are the reasons I've been up through a couple of nights this week. The opportunities are all around, the fields are ready to be harvested. I too need to hear God and many times I hear him through the words that others say to me. I'm listening Lord.

A good week I think.


  1. What an encouraging post. It is just so uplifting to hear how God is working in the lives of others. My favorite way to see God work is in the little things. It's also humbling to me to see how humble you are, and how you keep your eyes and ears open to not only see God in everything you do, but to be aware of what He wants you to do. You are an inspiration Pastor Randall.

  2. "Maybe it's because of those people". Love that bit.


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