Canadian boy discovers a bacteria that eats plastic bags

Monday, May 26, 2008
I go to the store here in Prince Albert. I get a few things that I take to the cash register. They ring them through and start to put them into plastic bags. I say no thanks for the bags, I'll carry them. They stop and look up at me with a weird quisical look on their face. They ask "What?"

I say no bags please, I'll carry them. This news begins to dawn on them, "You don't want a bag then?"

"No," I drive the point home. And then with a "um ok then," I'm off to make a difference in the world.

Today Brad pointed out that a Canadian kid has discovered a bacteria that eats plastic bags.

How cool is that?

That will probably go over well in places like here where the idea of bringing your own bags to a store, or not using any at all is still such an unbelievable occurrence.


  1. I really like the reusable bags that Sobey's sell. I can easily get 10 plastic bags worth of groceries into 5 of them, they are so big. And I am doing my bit for ecology. Course, I can hardly carry them. That means that the exercise factor in carrying in the groceries has increased, so that might be a good spin off.

  2. Or you can try to get paper bags. If the youthful cashier has ever heard of such a breakthrough in technology. I had one sweet young thing tell me that no, they didn't have paper bags... but that would be a good idea, wouldn't it!

  3. Once one of the cashiers at Sobey's put TWO 4L milk cartons in one of the bags for me to carry which caused the handle to start to rip. There went my $0.99 bag and the other 75 trips to the store I was supposed to get out of them! (Maybe I should email the company...)


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