Once upon a Thursday afternoon

Thursday, May 22, 2008
In my coursework self evaluation I recently completed, I was reflecting on how I've changed and my view of God has shifted too.

I think that the most profound and amazing thing I have rediscovered, is that God loves to be loved and loves to be gracious.

Even as I type that, my eyes get all moist and blurry.

From the young guy who has found life changing joy through a God given relationship, to the lost young lady who has begun to reconnect with God again through her rediscovered creativity, God loves to be loved and loves to be gracious.

And not all the stories are happy ending types but even through the difficult stories, people are not empty of loving God. Just because you hate your job, or your kids hate you, or you are having financial difficulty doesn't remove your love for God - or for that matter His love for you.

In fact that kind of realized love is often a deeper thing than a "God treats me nice so I love him" kind of love.

God really does love to be loved, and he loves to be gracious.

Maybe remember that this Thursday afternoon, no matter what shape your story is taking.

God loves to be gracious, to you.


  1. I love those moments of awareness or realization that make me misty-eyed. Sometimes I don't recognize them, but when I do...

  2. I love that idea that God loves to be loved. Thanks for posting this.

  3. That is something we all need to keep being reminded of. Thanks Randall.


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