overheard at a coffee place at the next table by a 49 year old woman

Friday, May 23, 2008
"Yeah I loved visiting Asia but the humidity nearly did me in"

Ring ring

"One sec, Hello? Hello? Yes I'm just having coffee right now."

"Yep you too. I love you."


"It was my mom. Stupid old woman."


  1. Mother's day had a strong effect on her I see.

  2. There are just no words... speechless.

  3. I don’t understand.

    Is it because the 49 year old is a mystery woman, or that she was listening in on other peoples conversations?

    Is it because person speaking clearly is a world traveller but can’t seem to enjoy it all the time, and is thereby waisting or does not deserve to travel the world or something?
    Frankly if I could visit Asia that last thing I would say is “the humidity nearly did me in” I mean even if it did almost kill me I don’t think that would be an interesting thing to talk about unless said person was trying to impress someone, but by the way it is said it seems to suggest that said person thinks very highly of themselves and has the air about them that they are important and so an attempt on their life would be an interesting thing to talk about.

    Or is it because the person switches from said conversation and goes to “phone mode” and puts down everything they are doing to answer the phone and be cheerful no matter how they feel, what they were talking about and how they feel about the person they were talking to?
    Is it because the person says “I love you” and then the next minute they call the person they were talking to on the phone stupid? Weather or not it was their mother? If it was not their mother would it make it ok to respond like that?

    Or is it that the mother is possessive and needy or something and seems to call a lot and interrupt said person’s important conversations. So the phone conversation is to keep the mother happy, yet out of the way for the moment because said person has already talked to their mother multiple times in the day and because of living with a mother like that for x number of years they have learned or grown to saying a quick high and an I love you to keep the mother happy while at the same time they cringe every time the phone rings and they see it’s her name on the call display, because she calls a lot or because of other problems that happened earlier in their life.

    Or is it because the person calls her mother stupid and old. Not just old. Maybe the mother is old because she has become a burden on the persons life. And then this would relate to the above paragraph.

    It would be more interesting to know if the person talking is a man or woman, how old they are, and who they are having coffee with and what relation that person is to them.

    Also, who was the 49 year old eavesdropper?

    I just don’t understand. I read it through a few times and my mind is just baffled. Maybe I need to read books to occupy my mind or something. Maybe I need to not overanalyse things. I just have no idea what it is supposed to mean, and I don’t understand the other comments because I’m not really sure what everyone is reacting to. Or maybe I’ve just completely missed the point.

    I don’t know.

    Sorry for taking up so much space.

  4. Ahh,

    Hi Hillary. Nice to see you again. Things are going well?



  5. why do you laugh at me? things are well here. i still don't get it.

  6. umm, how do we know shes 49? did she actually say " Hi, im 49!"?
    or are we just assuming?

  7. k, micah's comment was just silly. if dad knows the person who told him this story and he knows how old that person is, then he would know that that person is 49. but i don't really think that is the point.
    i think the point has to do with one of the other questions raised. but i'm just not sure which one.
    i'm asking the other commenters to...
    i think what i'm really wondering is, is everyone reacting against the person in the story who answers the phone and some aspect of thier manner, or is everyone reacting against the mother who might possibly be one of those crazy clingy mothers, or is everyone reacting to something completely different which i have not caught on to yet.
    i may not get the point of the story, but i don't understand what everyone is reacting to. the story itself is so common place that i can't tell who or what is upsetting people.
    i'd assume its the persons ability to say "i love you" and then call their mother stupid, but i'm just not sure.
    is that such a hard thing to answer?

  8. I laughed because I have never had such a long comment, in fact I wasn't even sure such a long comment could be acceptable.

    All that writing, just like your mom.

    Alright, to explain the post...

    >"overheard at a coffee place at the next table by a 49 year old woman"

    Means that I was sitting at a table in a coffee shop waiting for the person to arrive whom I was to meet with. When I overheard a loud obnoxious lady who appeared to be in her upper 40's or maybe early 50's. She was having a mostly one sided conversation with her coffee date.

    She was telling of her recent trip to Asia and carrying on at length about how wonderful it was and she was when she was there.

    She said:

    >“Yeah I loved visiting Asia but the humidity nearly did me in”

    Then, her mobile phone rang:

    >Ring ring

    She answered the phone by saying this:

    >“One sec, Hello? Hello? Yes I’m just having coffee right now.”

    Then she nicely ended the conversation with:

    >“Yep you too. I love you.”

    She hung up her mobile:


    Then she turned to her coffee date and said:

    >“It was my mom. Stupid old woman.”

    The previous commenter's were speaking to the inconsistency of the woman and the sharpness of her tongue and her two faced kind of approach to life.

    If anyone ever did that in front of me, I don't think I could trust him or her to tell me one thing and not say another thing behind my back.

    Get it??

  9. yes.
    i was just a little baffled the first time i read it.
    took me a little while to understand what everyone was upset about. if i was speakers date i would be unable to trust their comments in the future, but at the same time, if they did that in front of someone else i would assume that the other person already knew that she was like that.
    i guess i was just a little baffled because i think i see that a lot, or did once, and so for people to be speechless at something i'm sure we've all done at least once (changing moods quickly because someone else enters the room; or changing voice, mood, and tone as soon as one answers the phone) it kind of confused me so i was wondering if i had missed something.
    thats all.
    by the way there were 2265 characters in that comment. if you want i can write nonsense on one of your older posts to see how much your comment thing will actually accept...

  10. She must have a great relationship with her mother...


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