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Thursday, June 26, 2008

As it turned out, I was here at the office till early this morning getting ready for the funeral this afternoon.

I got home in time to get to bed before 1 am, but by 1:30 I was riding the porcelain train to never never land. That episode took an hour, then back to bed again and 30 minutes later I awoke in a cold soaking sweat and barely enough time to get back on the porcelain ride.

That’s about how my night went. I don’t know what I ate, but baby it was doing alien stuff inside me.

This morning was the three hour Graduation exercise and it was very little of exercise and mostly sitting. The speakers were only ten minutes tops, and they were good, but what took the time were 66 different awards, each presented by some company or group who all wanted their own stage time to make them look like good community citizens. 66 different people called up and introduced so that they could call up the lucky recipient of THEIR award.

Sheesh. Just send the cheque to the kid. That would test their true motives.

As it was I nearly had to race to the church for the funeral I was doing today.

And now, I am exhausted, and kinda hungry, because nothing has touched these lips since the violence of the past night. But I’m scared to eat too… what to do.

To top it off we have to get ready for tonight's engagement. The Grand March where the kids clean up and put on adult clothes and show off and the parent has to dance with the correspondingly opposite child, which means, I don’t have to dance this year, Lauralea does!!!!

I get tired just thinking about it.

I just gotta get some more pictures of Thomas. That ice rink we are in is absolutely the worst for photography. That's why I've been trying to take movies and hope it works.

But it's 4 pm and I have to move along now.




  1. Oh, am I ever glad them days are done!

  2. You get to dance with the grad escort.

  3. Camera's love them sodium vapor lights, don't they?

  4. You need to put up the grand march pictures...I keep checking back every half an hour to see them, and they're still not up!

    Not that I expect everything to be instant, but you had the other stuff up pretty quick after the event. I expect more of you...tsk tsk.

  5. I've been trying all morning but Flickr is having conniptions.


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