The Grand March



Well, I just uploaded and am still uploading some pics and video of last nights Grand March.

Kyra, the young lady who escorted Thomas, looked beautiful in a flowing, light blue, satinny dress. And Thomas in his new suit (From the wedding) and light blue accents and working cufflinks, cut a dashing figure.

You can find the set of images from the week here. I’ll post more when Flickr starts working again.


  1. goood stuff.

    That just made my day.

  2. I think Molly likes to show off her teeth a bit too much now and it's catching. I love the one of Lauralea and Thomas dancing. So cute.

  3. Thomas looks pretty good with a gorgeous girl on his arm.

  4. awww his tie matches her dress. thats nice. they look good together :)

  5. Interesting.

    I've heard we select women that look like our mothers.

    In that pic of Thomas, Kyra and Molly, Kyra looks just the way I'd imagine Johanna to look if she pulled that kind of expression.


    p.s. fun pics. :)


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