A few more pics and video added

Friday, June 27, 2008

I’ve uploaded a few more images to the set, of Thomas Graduation, and I’m here to say what a crappy time it was to get some decent images in that difficult lighting.

Still, its been a week to remember.

A good week.

Remembering all the times we tried to help the boy. Reading to him, with him. Helping him practice his writing. Sometimes the demands of his education were too great for him and we wondered if he’d clear the grade. But we prayed and we stuck with him, and we were known in the schools and classrooms.

Then he found High School and Algebra and seemed right at home. He even knew what  it was like to have a regular place on the Honour Roll.  Wow.

Lots of memories going through my head during a week like this one.

And this girl, Kyra, who came out from Winnipeg to be his escort this weekend. How cool is that.

Here is the video clip of their presentation at the Grand March.


All in all a week to remember. A week to be proud.

Another one is off to make his way in this world.

And may God go with him.

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