Facial Hair Question

Saturday, June 21, 2008
So I’m getting in a bit of a mood to grow some facial hair again and I had an hour while Lauralea was doing something or other and the guys are out, so I put together this little multimedia presentation.

I know there are times when I wish people would ask me if I thought they should have facial hair and I would have to say, “What do you mean, that muskrat beneath your nose? No way!" And she would run away in tears.

So, I invite your opinion. Be brutal, be honest, and in the end I'll do whatever I want anyway.



Number 1

Beard. Little bit of white. Med length.

Number 2

Beard. greater length.

Number 3
Red Skelton Look
Very short beard.

Number 4

Medium beard.

Number 5
English Professor Look

Not to be confused with the mad scientist look.


Number 6

Moustache and Soul patch

Number 7
Windswept, devil may care look

Moustache and Soul patch.

Needs a shave.

Number 8

Moustache and Soul patch

and my Jesus shirt.

Number 9

Moustache and Soul patch

Otherwise clean shaven.

Number 10
Beatnik Look.

Clean shaven. And a poem is on my lips.


  1. Allright -- definitely a choice between #10 - cleanshaven, and a potential #11, a thick unkempt bushman beard.

  2. I've NEVER been one for facial hair, probably because my uncle and grandpa used to "scuff" me to much! As soon as Dion gets any bit prickly, I'm not kissin' until it's gone. I also think beards age men.

    That being said, I like number 9 on you, just because I am wondering if number 10 is you at all. But, whoever 10 is, I bet he has soft cheeks.

    And, I like the wind-blown hair in number 7.

  3. #5, with a slightly longer moustache (so it connects to the beard part) together with your fur hat and dress coat would turn you into Russian Diplomat. That could be interesting.... go practice that accent.

  4. Ah, truth be told I grew the beard as a young pastor so that people would respect and trust me more.

    I had a doctor friend who did that and noticed an increase in response when he grew it.

    And I too noticed an increase in respect.
    Odd but it worked.

    And it does age one.

    And #10 was me last year at the masquerade party.

    I honestly don't know who I am without any facial hair. Weird, its been so long.

  5. Honestly, I don't care either way... but I think you should work on pictures that have you looking slightly happier... (actually I do care a little, I grow pathetic facial hair...)

  6. I dont "do" happy really well. That's kinda why I married Lauralea.

  7. Judging on the frequency of its appearance the soul patch is your subliminal preference - or is it just the name that feels right ? But I'm glad you feel so comfortable with yourself to give us so many full facial pictures.

  8. Truth be told, I don't like facial hair because it ages you faster than wrinkles. But if I had to choose one shot it would be number #8. Good luck with that.


  9. No. 5 is OK - I know you can't have the mad scientist look as I already own the patent on that, and if it floats Laura's boat then that can't be bad..... can it?.

    Otherwise sport the moustache but lose the 'soul patch - unless you're Steve Vai.

    On balance I'd say the 'tache works best.

  10. If I may be brutally honest, based on these pictures only, I would say not to go with the goatee look.

    But then it's all relative to what I'm used to.

    When you shaved off the beard and went with the moustache/soul patch look, I wondered what on earth you were doing shaving off such a fine beard. But then I got used to it to the point of now being inclined to say stick with some variation of the moustache/soul patch.

    But then we'll all get used to anything.

  11. ooh ooh!! I go with No. 3 or No. 9. If you go with one of my picks do I win a prize?? :)

  12. I agree with Lisa, 3 or 9. But I disagree with Toni :) I think if you do the moustache you need the soul patch.

  13. Upon further reflection, I think I still like #5 the best. Just to be different.

    : )

  14. i like number one best. i think you look youngest in number one. just cuz your skin more pink then the other pictures and your face is thiner because of the way your lips are. other then that i think number 9 looks best out of the soul patch ones.

  15. Randal, if you want the Mennonite look, which , in reality, is what you really are, go for it. LOL

  16. By the way, Randy, you really do the "beard thing" well.

  17. i vote for a full 'stash and a chinstrap as opposed to the full beard. But i like the "med length" beard best.

  18. I say do what you want for you. It's neat that you can change your look so much. Go for it. Change, then change again. Have fun.

  19. uh I'm not going to start wearing a goatee just as they move out of fashion.


  20. ok so we've got;

    One. 10
    one 7
    one 8
    one 1

    Two 3s
    three 5s


    Five 9s

    I was hoping for clarity in something with facial hair cause I'm tired of shaving and my blade is nearly dead.

    Any other votes?

    Vote early and vote often.

  21. A few thoughts:

    - Moustaches are "in" these days.
    - Have you considered long and umkept sideburns (ie. Neil Young or a young Joe Namath)?
    - Never wear your "Jesus shirt" again. Jesus is embarassed.

  22. Okay, what a fun little survey! However, the option that I'd like to see isn't available! How about just a soul patch?? Just grow a soul patch with a bit more length and substance to it...very cool.

  23. My pick is No. 5 -- the goatee. I think it is most flattering to your chin. And Lauralea likes it -- that should count extra. :)

  24. only a mustache, no goatee, no soul....and have you thought of trying 'Just for Men'...it might help you lose some grey....and what about a little facial tanner, to give you a fresher, healthier look?

  25. Well son, you know I love you unconditionally so whatever you do will be ok with me. Mind you, I really don`t care for the "soul" thing on anyone. Funny, I always thought the "soul" was an inner thing! Mom

  26. You are a brave man for putting yourself out there like this, Randall -- people critiquing you, etc. It makes me wonder if I should just post pictures of me in all my bathing suits to help me decide which one to wear this summer. But I, as you know, am not brave.

  27. I go with Number 10, partly because the beard must be almost white by now, but mostly because I've never seen that one!

  28. Have you considered a Fu Manchu moustache?

  29. ah so many smart remarks to make from chinese facial hair to Jesus not liking Neil Youngs chops but the shirt He can live with.

    To Allan, the only guy I ever knew who shaved off his beard and NOBODY knew who he was, and Dix who seems blissfully unaware that if she posed in her selection of bathing suits that Internet filters in schools, universities, and public places would block her site imediately. Though her hits would be through the roof.

    You guys make me smile after a long day of meetings. Thanks.

  30. no 7

    but not no 10..........

    and whats the prize for quessing right........

    just had a job interview, already arranged a 2nd interview.

    We will see how it goes

  31. Gavin - I'm with you on the shirt, feller. How can there be forgiveness without repentance? ;-)

    Randall - I agree about Dixie's blog. I read these at work sometimes!

    Ian - hope the interview results in a good job for you.


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