“Gee you look like garbage today. Why is that?”

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Um yeah, for those of you with that question, let me answer you.

7 pm Tuesday attend our counsel meeting. We had a good meeting and for once in a long while, we laughed a lot.

11:30 pm Going home. Stop in for some McNuggets because I’m really hungry.

12:30 am off to bed.

1:30 am Sleep, finally.

3:00 am  Taxi full of very drunk, loud, fighting people stops next door and they begin to party outside.

6:30 am alarm goes off

7:00 am I wake up, wash, dress and race out the door. Neighbours still at it.

7:15 am ish  get to early prayer time.

9:00 am So. Tired. Room. Spinning.

10:30 am  Meeting.

12:00 pm lunch appointment.

1:00 pm meet with my Intern

2:30 pm meet with Bible Society Salesman guy.


Tired. Waiting. Tired. Fuzzy.

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  1. NOT fun. Hope you've had a chance for a power nap...


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