That long distance feeling

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You know that for all the wonderful goodness this Internet thing has provided in terms of connection and relationship, it still lacks the reality of a face to face.

There are a couple of you out there with whom I would love and maybe even crave a good sit down and drink some strong dark tea with sugar and cream or perhaps a very dark pint, and check how you are doing.

This emailing back and forth is immediate and easily done, but there is nothing that can replace a face to face. And some of your faces I need to see again.

So, until Firefox develops an extension that allows me to travel over space and time, I shall make every effort to be satisfied with that long distance feeling.

But know that you are missed, and cared for from a distance.


  1. You can always come by our blogs and see us or maybe we can put a collage together of all the people you minister to from far far away. Something akin to Randall's groupies in flickr form on your blog!


  2. And I think the missing is reciprocal.

    These days, even face to face often feels inadequate as a communication form, but it's all I can manage with people at best. We said 'goodbye' to Dan and Kita last night in the housegroup (they're moving away to Reading) and it felt VERY inadequate there, particularly with Kita's tears.

    It's not as if they're al long way off though - only 75 min drive - but here it's like another country. Maybe efforts will need to be made....


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