Worship in the GPAA

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes when you work in a church, there are seasons that make you go, “Why am I here again?”

And sometimes there are seasons like we are in right now.

It’s just a really good place to be at these days. God is showing up in profound ways, and the connection is good. The music sings easily and the words and prayers are felt deeply, within the spirit of the place.

And I notice that when that is happening on a regular basis, it become a place that people want to be at, and not leave easily. And so they don’t. They linger and visit and find another excuse to get another cup of coffee and they share life together.

It’s really what I’ve prayed for for a long long time.

So we might as well enjoy these days, because like I said, “Somedays…."


Feel free to drop in if you live in the Greater Prince Albert Area.

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