Wind and rain and boxers

Monday, June 16, 2008
I awoke this morning with the vague memory that, oh yeah it had rained hard in the night. And oh yeah there was lightening and much thunder and gale force winds.

And as the fog cleared from my mind, I also remember getting up in the midst of the storm and wanting to check the downspouts that hopefully were moving the water away from the house. And so in my exhausted, 4am mind, I put Lauraleas short rain jacket over my head, slipped on some shoes and wondered out in my pinstriped boxers and took care of business.

One night Lauralea is just going to get woken up with me calling from the police station asking her to come down and get me cause I've been arrested for indecent exposure.

I gotta start thinking clearly at 4 am, that's all there is to it.






  1. Our downspout became separated from the eaves trough last night, though I didn't find out about it until this afternoon. It was the same corner that caused all the grief last year (which happened at almost exactly this time last year). It brought back some bad memories.

    . . . but they've been cleared out by the image of you outside in the middle of the night, wet and wearing nothing but boxers.


  2. Not quite as bad as my husband (who after charging outside to fix our eaves trough in the midst of lightening and monsoon type rainstorm and had quickly grabbed his pants), was dangling from the eaves after the ladder toppled - pants down around his ankles because they were so wet. I was laughing too hard to help and the senior lady across the street - well I hope her vision wasn't too good!

  3. Ah Jill thank you for that laugh, I needed it.

    That's not how his knees got messed up was it??


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