borrowing a neighbours wifi...

Thursday, July 10, 2008
After three days of dying and three frustrating days of me trying to get repair people in my yard, our sasktel phone and cable and Internet is dead.

Very frustrating.

Is the world at war?
Who is the president now?
Is the iPhone 2 released? How about the iPod touch upgrade??

Three days with no incoming data and I don't know what's happening.

I may freak out.

Untill then, send canned goods and dried astronaut ice cream to my house.

That should keep us alive.

My cell is 306-981-6630

Text me or call if you need to.

Over and out from the data darkened house.

Oh and thanks neighbour for the use of your wifi signal.

Peace. Out.

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  1. Enjoy the extra time you have now you're not surfing etc.



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