heading home from the office

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

after a particularly difficult day in which I thought that today was Thursday and I attempted to leave home and go to my Thursday appointments. Luckily Lauralea was at the door and got through my daze that today was really Wednesday. Luckily again that the calendar was on the fridge and she had to prove it to me, which she did.

That kind of explained most of my fuzzy day, which is why I am at the office tonight, working on the service for Sunday.

So I’m going home, keenly aware of the acute pain so very many people are in tonight. There is so much pain going around, be careful out there won’t you?

And tonight if you find yourself one of those hurting ones, let me pronounce a blessing upon you, ok? You just read it and act like a sponge and soak in it.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,

and all the love of God, the Father,

and the closeness of the Holy Spirit,

be with you this night as you rest,

and tomorrow as you arise,

in Him.




and good night.



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