In Chicago

Sunday, July 20, 2008
I have arrived.

Small planes. Full planes.

It dawned on me as I sat in O'Hare for a while today, waiting for my luggage, that the Airport is the first contact one makes with the spirit of a City or State or Country when you fly in.

When you drive in, you ease into it and get accustomed to it, but flying in can be a shock to the system.

Because each place has a different vibe, or spirit.

Flying into O'Hare is not unlike a shot in the gut.  The whole American vibe and big city feel, etc.

Course, maybe that's just me. Or maybe I'm just sensitive towards it. It probably explains why I get a gut feel of a country or city when I first land in an airport.


Interesting that. There are upsides and downsides to everything we are, I guess.

Anyway, tomorrow early the week starts with an all day and evening silent retreat.

I shall use the cone of silence to talk to God.




  1. wow... a whole day of silence... I haven't even had an hour of silence since my first son was born 6 years ago. Well... I guess it is mostly silent when I sleep... other than my husband's snoring, my son grinding his teeth, and the kids waking up...

    Enjoy your silence!

  2. O'Hare airport was my first ever contact with America.

    Let's just say that it doesn't welcome visitors with open arms, and immigration is nothing less than deliberately intimidating. Stepping outside to look for a taxi wasn't especially rewarding either. I've been through it since, and it just seems large and scruffy now, but that first visit (pre 9/11) left a memory of unfriendliness.

    Ah well, at least it means that things should only get better once you leave.

  3. Enjoy your time! I hope the whole big city airport, vibe, crush doesn't make your mind spin too much - I will pray that silence comes easily.

    And I'm not the only one in my house who snores...

  4. BTW I hope your day of silence is also a day of recovery and restoration of strength for you. Sorry for my first comment - was out of a day of migraine and tiredness.


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