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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
yep, I've arrived at North Park and yesterday was spent north of the city at a beautiful retreat center.

Quiet. All day. It was good.


And the first morning is behind us and now things will pick up speed considerably. Right now I'm on lunch break, (Yes Lauralea I am eating, I just ate one of those peanut butter bars you sent along...) and catching up in the computer lab.

Computer lab over Lunch

That's Marc from San Diego who is smiling. And, if he reads this, he's in my class and an alright guy.

That's taken a moment ago from my seat at the computer.

In other pic's you can check out my flicker account with some more images.

The Retreat Chapel

I've started a new set for this trip to make it easier.

It's here.

Anyway, things are underway. I've been sleeping up to nine hours a night, and I'm still tired. Probably the heat and humidity. It'll melt anything, especially good intentions.


Be well. And boy's don't forget to mow the lawn.

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