On my way to class... Wednesday

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Full day today.
Lecture stuff all morning, then this afternoon I am offering Spiritual Direction to someone in the Cohort 4 class, and finally we will have our peer group presentations on issues arrising from our Direction.
Yeah, I know, bla bla bla...

Tonight I'm getting to a lecture on campus by Robert Kelleman on The Legacy of African American Soul Care and Spiritual Direction.

It's suppose to be very good. Hope so.

Anyway, I've updated my flickr photos, taking some shots on the way to calss this morning, and in class.

Here are Tom, Neil and David, in my class.

And here is the set I'm updating.


Morning Prayer Time


Gotta get back to it.



  1. Hmmm, so do you have to all have greying hair and glasses in your class ? And the shirts seem to be from the same colour palette as well..... Or maybe it was just your photographer's eye arranging classmates to make a good shot, whilst all those wearing bright clothing are kept out of the picture.

    But, I hope you are all as in tune with each other as the visuals suggest and that the week has gone well.

  2. Blessings on your time in Chicago. You've made me miss it (and I'm a farm boy). I enjoyed my time in seminary and miss some of that community.

  3. Hey David.

    Miss you up here guy.


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