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Thursday, July 24, 2008

So our class is using the old Seminary Board room for our classroom and we sit across from one another, which can be really interesting if the presenter is completely uninteresting, or regurgitating some stuff we have already covered. We are actually starting to behave like grade 12 students who own the school and know that in a few short days we will graduate.

This morning was one of those mornings when the guest presenter was, well, just off his game a bit. I thought it was just my perception till I looked across the table at people with their eyes getting bigger and about to explode, or yawning or doing email on their iphones, or as one guy was doing, marking down every time the presenter used the phrase "a sense of." (Which, for those of you who are keeping score was 74 times not including the half hour before he started keeping score.) And another classmate who kept track of the "Um's" which was 96 times.

We sat around the table at lunch and laughed like I haven't laughed in such a long time. Kinda good to be back in High School once again.

Tomorrow I believe the topic is Psychology and Spiritual Direction.

I'm sure that will be like leading the lamb to the slaughter.

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  1. 96 ums... wow... in English in grade 12 we got 1% off for every um we used in our class presentations. he failed. :)
    hope your presentation tomorrow is more interesting, or at least as entertaining.


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