not home

stuck in Winnipeg.

United was three hours late with our plane in Chicago.

No free room.

No food.

Hungry and as they called us, distressed passengers.

We are indeed.


  1. Bummer.
    Praying that the remainder of your trip goes more smoothly.

  2. I hope you are home now (Aug. 1), but you have my complete sympathies about traveling these days. And O'Hare is a nightmare. But on the positive side, home looks even better after hours waiting. :)

  3. Commiserations. Hope you manage to get to your bed eventually last night/this morning.

  4. Aug 1 and we have arrived in Saskatoon.

    Now to get to Prince Albert.

  5. Hope you're within spitting distance of home by now, and that the travelling travails haven't obliterated all that went before and all that is to come.


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