Home again. Finally.

Actually, home again and back at the office again.


So it seems I am now a bona-fide, certified, Spiritual Director. That may make no difference in what I do around here, but it does give me greater tools to use. I know there is more depth in there too, after having taken the course, and that's good. 

The course came for me at a time when I was getting really tired of doing the same things over and over as a pastor. It really opened new rooms within me to explore and find resources in my relationship with God that I never new existed. I am better equipped to offer care now. I have experienced greater depth in my relationship with God, and with others I must add too. So I am very glad for being able to take the course.

And I am very glad for being done the coursework too.

I think it required more from me than I expected it would. It certainly asked for more from my family and more from my church than they signed up for. But they were both very supportive and patient with me.


Now, after 24 hours travel home, (It's SOOOO good to be home and I won't fly United or maybe even Air Canada again for a long time if I can help it...) yeah, it's so good to be home.


What's next?

Well, there are some repairs to do in the house after last springs snow melt. And we go on holidays next week. And I gotta keep listening for God for this Autumn. Whether I like it or not, things feel like they are shifting, moving around. I need to listen carefully and hear well. Maybe I can hear better without the constant expectation of needing to finish my homework that I've felt each week, for the past three years.


Ahhh. Feels good to be done.

and at home.


Oh, and P.S.

Thomas and Micah, on their own for the week?

They totally owned it. They proved they are mature, able young men. I think they took better care of the place than I do, and they certainly ate better than I did.

So cool.


  1. Welcome back, safe and sound at last! Hope the next week's hol gives you a real chance to rest and recuperate.

  2. Wonderful to be able to trust the offspring - shows confident parenting. Hope you continue with the spiritual direction in the same way. Every blessing/.


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