Pushing it too hard

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Striving. Leaning into the corners. Watching for the boundaries and then pushing right past them…

I try, but I can’t do it like I used to. I’m not a college aged kid any more. I guess.

Books, thoughts, words, integration, focus, then more and more.


Thinking the words through and bringing them into who I am changes my understanding and my approach. Subtle shifts happen in how I see things, and I am renewed.

But I press in to the next work and I’m not ready for more “Renewal.”

Like growing pains in the legs of a 6 foot teenager. Too much growth, brings pain.

Oh it will be ok when you absorb that growth, but for today it just hurts.

So you take a Tylenol and stumble home, falling into bed, brain tired, and body hurting.


And barring any middle of the night train wrecks, back pain, or insomnia, tomorrow you get up and get back at it once again.


Who am I becoming…

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