this is not nice. Google can be evil.

So it seems my Gmail account has been suspended, hopefully only until tomorrow.

I turned on an app to move a bunch of old emails from my hotmail accounts over to my gmail account and gmail thinks I am a spammer.

Do I look like a spammer????

Well, probably, but that’s beside the point.

This is very frustrating.


I’ll just announce my unsent emails here then shall I?:

“Yes, there is worship band practice tonight at 7 pm”


If you are trying to contact me, try my office at 306-764-7155 or my home at 306-764-0701.

Or leave a comment in the section below.


I just hope my incoming emails are not getting bounced back.

Let me know if they are.


and let’s hope tomorrow I won’t be a spammer any more.


I'm moderating all the comments these days.