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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I received the news on Monday, that the day before a friend had died, violently.

Just south of Edmonton, on a very busy stretch of highway.

His wife is in the hospital. She should physically recuperate.

But he is gone.


And so you get on with the work you need to do.

But its like there is this heaviness nearby, and when you stop to turn around and look again at what it is, you are confronted again, with his sudden death.

And I feel like violently retching. Sick to my stomach.


So the day plunders on. Heart heavy, eyes moist, stomach uneasy.


If you think on them, please pray for the family.

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  1. Call Pastor Gregg at the Nazarene church in town. He'll sit with you for a while. Praying for you and the family in Edmonton.


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