Uh, I forgot to get you something Canada

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And so another July 1 rolls around, Canada’s Birthday.

Woo Hoo, happy birthday Canada. What is it now 141 years old? I have friends with houses older than you. But none the less, Happy Birthday.

I have become convinced that Canada Day celebrations are for kids.

Micah is away at camp and well the girls are no longer here, only Thomas is here and he’s hardly even up yet.

But previous years would see us get involved in some city celebrations and activities and then end the day by attending fireworks at the river.

Not so much today.

I’m doing homework and Lauralea is doing some chores or something.

Ooh my, what a great way to celebrate the Birthday.

We are learning new ways to be a family I guess. Maybe we’ll go out later and look around at the celebration activities. (bbbboring…)

Or maybe I should just focus on this mad homework rush I am in for a couple of weeks.

But happy birthday Canada. You don’t look too shabby for 141 years.



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