Gustav comes to play

I've been watching this year as the tropical storms cross the north Atlantic and turn into Hurricanes. It's an interesting journey to watch as they being as babies in North Africa, and come to America.

This dangerous one called Gustav has the potential to be deadly - if it hasn't already been as it crossed Cuba yesterday.

I'm following them on the National Hurricane website.

WMC-TV also has a good resourse page with current images, and links to local news, live station feeds, and webcams in the effected areas.

But the best link I've been following is on Twitter, as people in the effected areas attempt to deal with it. Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best, there's so much fear in many of their short posts. You get a sense of what they are dealing with.

This is a search site that will post every twitter that includes the words Hurricane or Gustav. Follow it if you like.

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