So Tired

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, we got Hillary to Saskatoon for her hair appointment today, and tonight she hops a bus for college. Hope the night goes ok for her. Bus travel can be scary these days.

And speaking of scary, the reason sleep evaded me last night was, - you guessed it. 1:30 am as I am fading into blissfull sleep, a truck full of neighbours rolled to a stop next door and out poured six or seven fully inebriated individuals. Even the driver had a can in his hand.

You just don’t know how much my gut cringes when I hear the neighbours drive up, it’s like Pavlovs dogs.

Around 2 am the police showed up, but even after that, they kept drinking and laughing and fighting and using the yard as a toilet. Any number.

So I’m really tired, and at the office, getting ready for tomorrow.

I hope hope hope, tonight we can sleep.

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