Happy Birthday to Me!

Not only my birthday, but today starts my yearly holiday break. Woo Hoo.

And, though I’d like to say I was wakened up with a long lingering kiss from herself, it wasn’t to be.

She was already up, coughing and spewing and generally being totally and completely ill.

And that didn’t really get me up anyway. No, it was the phone call after 8 am from a family in town whose funeral for their dad I was going to attend this week. Well it seems the family funeral plans have degenerated into an internal squabble, and half the family doesn’t like who was going to do the funeral and half want me to do it. Now they aren’t really talking, and they want me to take care of, well, everything.

Oh, great.

So, on holidays, but not.

Lauralea is as sick as it gets, but her “only gift to me is the special meals she is preparing…” so she isn’t going back to bed anytime soon.

And yeah, like that.

And I’m 45. That’s like there is no way to deny or work my head around the fact that I am indeed middle aged.

Middle Aged.

I even bought a exercise cycle the other day and have been working out on it – well, twice so far. But yeah, I am well ensconced in middle age.


Woo. hoo indeed.

At least I know what I’ll be doing this first week of holidays. I don’t always like not knowing what I’ll be doing.

and thanks for all your facebook well wishes. You are a great bunch.


Photo 23

Sometimes I feel pulled in too many directions.

(A pic taken yesterday with my brothers Apple computer.)


  1. Oooo, I'm the first one to say it on here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! If you lived in our house you'd get a 2 part (until the kids learn to sing harmony) version of Happy Birthday and toast with chocolate on it for breakfast. Of course, where you live, you get good meals everyday. It's a tough call. I'd take your house just because of the good food and lack of toddlers being noisy. But I could just wear earplugs and spend more time on supper... Anyway, this is your day. And usually anything that I write when I first wake up and go to the computer is a mistake. So I'll stop. Have a great day!

  2. Rev. Mr. Spiritual Director Friesen. I understand today is your special day. As a government employee of this great province of Saskatchewan (Note: your previous days blog), I will formally and enthusiastically wish you every happiness on this, the beginning of your 46th year. Due to financial constraints, this will be your gift from the province of Saskatchewan. You won't even get a balloon emblazoned with a picture of the Saskatchewan flag, so be happy.
    We feel for you, having to perform priestly duties on your much-needed vacation days but we know you will rise to this challenge and meet the needs of your parishoners in their hour of need.

    Congratulations (and keep making Saskatchewan YOUR home)!!

    Sharon "government of Saskatchewan employee" Kent

  3. Well hoppy birdie 'ol feller.

    45 'eh?

    Wellll, ahh rimember bein' a yoong lad loike yew. Must 'ave been, ooooh, jest a coople a years ago now.

    Commiserations to Laura. Neither of us are spewing (yet) but I can manage a decent enough cough.

  4. Happy birthday Randall. You are not so old. My parents are in their fifties.

  5. Happy Birthday - from my sick bed as well. I think you might as well enjoy your middle ages. Besides there isn't much choice since time seems to march us slowly forwards towards old age and never back to those "good" old days of our youth. This is as young as you are going to get from here on in! :)

  6. thank you thank you thank you,

    ... I'd like to put a word in too for my mom who did most of the work 45 years ago, and a shout out to the Dr. who wanted to move things along so he used the Huge Baby Grabbing Pliers on my head.

    Well done all!!

  7. Pliers on your head, eh? ...Explains a few things, doesn't it?


  8. I thought they used salad tongs.

    (Oh, and Madeline loves that picture of you.)

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a good one :)

  10. A very Happy Bithday to you, Randy and may you experience many, many more.

  11. Late to the party here (it's what happens as you get older), but happy first full day of being 45 !

  12. Happy Birthday, all the best, Dan & Kita

  13. i did not know it was your birthday randall

    happy belated birthday.

    glad you could join the 45 age group at last

    god bless


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