Why I Love Saskatchewan

On this Civic Holiday I wish to pay homage to the Province I’ve lived most of my life in. Saskatchewan.

I’ve lived here a total of some 28 years or so, so I speak with some authority.

Sadly however, I was not born here. But many of my family was. My dad’s side of the family broke the land and built a family farm north of Saskatoon, even before this place was an official province. So I figure I have land rights here.

Why I love this place?


1. Its perfect rectangular shape.

This place is the best and easiest place to draw when you are in grade four and asked to draw a picture of your province. Four lines, shaped like a rectangle. How perfect is that??

I love this place.


2. The People.

The people here are people close to the earth. They are well grounded and caring people. I’ve traveled a bunch and the more I get around, the more I appreciate the generous and good people of this province. If you have car trouble here, no problem, just stop and ask.

Recently we had some friends from BC travel through the province and stop in for a short visit. That small exposure to Saskatchewan hospitality made them want to live here, and the last I heard they were making plans to move.

This place has great people.


3. The Saskatchewan Roughriders

The green Rider-Nation extends across this country from sea to shining sea, because once you’ve been to a rider game and suffered long with them through their drought seasons, you are hooked.

I was here and old enough to remember the end of the Ron Lancaster winning years, and it’s been such a looooong loosing season, that this present 6 and 0 year has been fun. But the fact that we have had a 25 year loosing streak has only brought more fans to the green and white. Where else on earth (Beside Toronto and their Loosing Leafs) could you see that happening?

No, the riders are a provincial deal and people travel for hours just to get to a game.

And even when I’ve left the province, I’ve still cheered for the Green and White, because they are the best.


4. Saskatchewan is not about the individual, it is about the community.

Opposite to Alberta with her rugged individual emphasis, we are about the community. This may have come from the early years when you needed your neighbours to help survive the long winters. You couldn’t get by on your own.

Out of this emphasis came universal health care, and, I believe, the Credit Union movement. The Co-op (Cooperative) was all about us doing things together that we couldn’t do apart.

The world has benefited from this distinctive of being from Saskatchewan. And we are too community minded to honk our own horn about this.

I love this about us.    


5.  Corner Gas

This funny funny show, based in Saskatchewan, has become so much bigger than prairie humour. When I travel and mention where I’m from, people ask about that show and I can proudly confirm their views of life in small town Saskatchewan.

It does real Saskatchewan small town life, to a tee. And that’s whey it’s so funny.


6. It’s Beautiful.

Marc and Dixie just took a tour of small town Saskatchewan and have returned with some beautiful, stunning images of this place. You need to see this to believe it.




That’s why I love this place.

Now, why do you like it?


  1. Saskatchewan is AWESOME!

    Of course, my love for this province probably means that at some point I'll have to leave. I wish it weren't so.

  2. hmmm, I love the sky too. And I love the fields when they are blowing in the wind they look like waves. I love the sense of community that people have here. I love that my kids can play outside without me worrying that someone is going to steal them. I love the bragging rights after surviving another one of our winters. I love how my town looks blanketed in fresh sparkling snow (after a good long summer mind you).

  3. I like it primarily because you and Laura, Marc and Dixie, Linea and Leo, Phil and Janet live there. Do you realise - you guys are your state's biggest attraction!

  4. Well, there are a lot more things about Saskatchewan you missed in listing. But you did highlight some of the main points. But one main point you missed is the fact that we have an abundance of lakes for our enjoyment.

    Now Corner Gas is great. Too bad they have end it after six seasons. They could have lasted a few seasons yet. A lot sitcoms haven't really been based around a small town and if you are from Saskatchewan than you will get the jokes.

  5. just paid $75 for a chiropractor 'cos I don't have my AB health card yet...so I'm going to go with how I love Sask b'cos it's cheap!!

  6. After looking at Marc's pictures I have decided that Saskatechewan reminds me a lot of Kansas (and that's a good thing). :)

  7. I love it.


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