The movement of God in a life

Saturday, August 16, 2008

God is always moving, always at work in and around us. He is busy being God, reaching out to us, loving us, desiring contact. And we, often unaware of all the grace at work on our behalf, miss the point.

We miss the subtle contact and look for the earth shattering, life splitting event.

Or worse yet, we carry on with our busy lives, too focused on our own stuff to look for eternity or the Holy. What self absorbed blighters we are.

I want to listen for the movement of the Holy Spirit in my life, but I’m not sure I have the courage to do that. When he calls, many times it comes in the form of an invitation to faith. To trust.

Think, the children of Israel standing by the Red Sea with the Egyptians beating a path to their rear guard.

Think, Peter getting out of the boat.

Think, Jesus in the garden, hoping his life won’t end in the morning.

There is always an invitation to faith, and I don’t know if I have even a mustard sized faith to believe him for the big things he may be asking of me.

They seem so huge, and I am so, so ordinary. So me.

Funny that, (funny interesting, not funny Haha) funny that even after all these years of knowing God, I still occasionally struggle with faith. Stepping into, and trusting the unknown, especially after he’s always shown himself faithful to me.

I think it’s just a bit of weariness tonight. The weather has been so hot, and the evenings have been spent on beautiful outdoor patios, chatting with friends, staying up, probably too late.

Tonight I’ll do a little more reading and maybe a bit of studying, then get to bed. Tomorrow is another day, with it’s own new and unique invitations to faith. And God will be active and moving, looking for those whose hearts are moving towards his own.

May you sleep well this night, and may your own hearts be moving, towards His own.



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  1. How funny.

    I read this blogpost this morning, thought "that resonates a bit" then wandered off.

    I think we've just stepped out of the boat inside, now we have to see how the waves are going to support us. I am very grateful that we have both seen the same direction.


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