One hot day

I do think that the heat was the story of the day. Seven hours in the van, (well except for an hour for lunch when we parked in a safeway parking lot and made and ate lunch, remember that girls?)

Yeah, nearly 30C without air conditioning.

Windows wide open, loud, crank the tunes louder, and drive hard.

Which made the cool of the evening so much more enjoyable.

We went to a friends place for a BBQ supper and just mostly chilled out on the deck, watching the sun go down, and take the heat with it. It was in the country, so the view was clear.

And then as the sun fell beneath the horizon, the moon rose up on the other side of the sky, nearly full.


We are tired. Lauralea is already cutting wood beside me, so I'm off to the shower, then I'll join her. Tomorrow is another hot day.



  1. 8'C here this morning.

    Cool, in a very literal way.

  2. Did you do that again?? I was so embarassed to be with you all that time, back in the day, eating food from Safeway in the back of the van (or car? I can't remember). Stupid buns and cheese....couldn't even go to McDonald's or anything fun...stupid.

  3. you still do that?! yes, i remember. stopping at the grocery stores while on road trips. trying to stand as far away as possible or hiding with your head below the windows in the back seat of the van, while mom made sandwiches on the front seat while standing outside with the car door open, and you and thomas and micah eating them sitting on the curb of the parking lot, next to the car. so embarrassing. i agree with johanna. you couldn't have made sandwiches before hand, or stopped for a burger? at a place with a play structure? or at least left the parking lot and found a park to picnic at?

  4. And we have here a little insight into one of the things that make the Friesen's unique! How our kids love us for these special memories.


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