Wherein I respond to our Small Group who want to go see Mama Mia...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, I feel a little Under Attack, like my choices are Slipping Through My Fingers because my Honey, Honey isn't Laying All her Love on Me, but hey, One Man, One Woman, and Just Like That, Bang-A-Boomerang and things change and we are As Good as New.

Now, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Have a Dream, but it isn't to see Mamma Mia.  Thank You for the Music idea but I don't like musicals.  That's Me,  I know. It's also about the Money, Money, Money but if we could get Two for the Price of One, then Rock Me and I'd Thank You for the Music. That's really The Name of the Game for me.

I could go On and On and On but One of Us will have to decide.

Marc is still out there and need I remind you all, He Is Your Brother. He doesn't seem all Head Over Heels about it either and I've never viewed him as a Dancing Queen. I suppose Marc could watch his kids and he and I could hit the late show. But then you'd have to Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight). Remember You Owe Me One so I guess he'd just have to Take a Chance on Me

Course People Need Love including me. So here's an SOS.  When All Is Said and Done I'll do whatever My Love, My Life tells me to do.


P.S. what was that, did I just hear a Chiquitita Eagle called Fernando at my window?
Non? Ah Voulez-Vous


  1. Yup. Absolutely brilliantly assembled, my dear.

    : )

  2. just a Quick question

    How long do it take you to come up with that....

    but i have to say it is very good.....

  3. Hi Ian

    I'm embarrassed to say this work took me a little over five minutes.

    Wikipedia listed all Abba's songs and they were already hyperlinked, so all I did was copy and paste.

    easy peasy.

  4. see now! you seem like a HUGE fan already, so really, why not go see the movie?? It is very toe tapping and you'll leave the theatre feeling young and happy! I hear the sing-a-long version is coming out today! Now THAT would be a good see!! ;o)

  5. I actually like/love ABBA, but it's the idea that they somehow were able to coerce their hits into some kind of cheesy, make some cash quick, musical.

    That's like, I dunno, serving fine foods with unique flavours to kids by mashing it up and adding lots of sugar and chocolate sauce, and yes I realize how elitist that sounds.

    So I'll probably go.

  6. IF you dont want to go to the movie, do you want to go to Waterloo with me?

    (i thot jeff mighta helped you)

    and btw lauralea, apparently the movie is very good. Our neighbour dragged her husband to it, and he didnt hate it!

  7. Waterloo?

    Is Jeff going there?

    And are you?


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