Obama for President?

Thursday, August 28, 2008
We were out tonight at a meeting so I caught a repeat of Obamas speech later on tonight. The Democratic convention was concluding and I wanted to hear his speech.

I gotta say, that guy just inspires me. He leaves me feeling like there is hope for our neighbours to the south. And if I were an American, I'd punch a chad right next to his name.

Politicians come a dime a dozen. But people who inspire are rare indeed.

We need inspired leaders.


  1. 150 violent deaths per hour….24 hours per day….365 days per year…for 35 years. 50,000,000 people dead. All before they had their first drink of milk….this man supports that. This is not right. Of all the election issues, this one is pre-eminent.

  2. Well he certainly inspires plenty of hatred in conservatives down there.

    Anon - give yourself a name and a link please.

  3. I certainly must plead ignorance on my knowledge or lack of. But from his wanting to pull out and let Iraq and Afghanistan fester along with other anti-war policies to his views on other issues I do not believe follow my beliefs I have reason to pause. I don't understand all of his policies, but when I hear or see him I get this puppet on strings feeling. I don't either way.

  4. I doubt that I'd vote for him. I disagree with too many of his policies, including those on abortion and Afghanistan. Plus I'm afraid that Obama and Biden would move the U.S. to an increasingly protectionist position WRT free trade - the Canadian forest industry is already hurting enough.

    However he certainly is a good speaker.

  5. If I could vote, he'd have my vote.

    Abortion will happen whether it's legal or not, and as long as the late-term abortions are kept illegal and funding is put out to educate people on how to avoid pregnancy, I think it's a bad reason to not vote for someone.

    The feeling I get on him about Afghanistan and Iraq is that he'll put the focus back on Afghanistan (where it should be in the first place). We're all going to have to pull out of those place eventually, and it's going to be bad any time we do...we kicked their legs out from under them and now whenever we withdraw they'll have a big chance of collapsing.

    At least he's a change, and I think change is what the states really need right now.


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