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Friday, August 29, 2008

I know, I know, two American political posts in one week for me? Well, you gotta know I am a political junkie, it’s just that politics has been quite boring in recent years.

But now, in a bold move;

DAYTON, Ohio — In a surprise move, Senator John McCain chose Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate on Friday, shaking up the political world at a time when his campaign has been trying to attract women, especially disaffected supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, McCain officials confirmed.

In choosing Ms. Palin — a 44-year-old conservative Christian and self-described “hockey mom” who has been governor for less than two years — the McCain campaign reached far outside the Washington Beltway in an election in which the Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, is running on a platform of change.


Bold or desperate? I suppose it depends if you like elephants or donkeys.


  1. And even I, a political cynic, find that very interesting.

    Women as political weapons?

  2. Breaking it into elephants and donkeys might be helpful for me. I had really good seats one time at the circus and we could smell the elephants, something I'll never forget. Jesus seemed to have an affinity for donkeys, but don't tell my mom I said so. (Bless her heart, she'd probably vote for an actual elephant, as long as he was a Republican).

  3. People as political pawns, Linea.

    But this one IS interesting, and IF she lives up to the things being said about her right now then I could believe she's God's gift to the untied states.

  4. Toni, As a woman, I would find it rather demeaning to have someone choose me as a running mate because of my gender. It does not sound as if she has much experience. Now, one could look at this as good or bad. I think we'll have to wait and see.


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