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Friday, September 12, 2008
These times tend to test what someone is made of and if that is so, then Lauralea and I are made up of five arguments. Well ok four unique arguments and one that's gone on all week.

That and tears. Lots of tears it seems.

The kids are coming to terms with the move too. Even though they have moved away, it feels as though their home is going away. I understand that. Lauralea was chatting with one of the kids online today and came upstairs weeping. I guess the week of hard work, late nights, and change is catching up with us. It'll be ok.

And some of you have just been blowing me away with your caring and thoughtful emails. I mean it. This morning over pancakes I showed Lauralea a note I got last night and she was as overwhelmed as I was. Tears again.

This place has been quiet lately and might be for a few days more. I need to get a couple more rooms done.

Oh and now there is an election too and I'm all busy trying to transition my life, and there probably won't be another one for a few years anyway. Now that's just really bad timing!

That's todays update.

Goodnight from the madhouse.

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