The Spirituality of Painting

This week of painting has been therapeutic for me. It’s given me a physical way to work out my emotions and inner stresses, and the house looks a whole lot better too.

I tend to carry emotional stresses in my body a bit to much, its just how I’m made. So this week of physical workouts has been great for me. It’s actually one of the parts of pastoral work that I don’t like – that it’s not very physical. I appreciate working hard, even physically, when things get accomplished. I don’t appreciate it when it’s just for exercises sake.

And the painting has given me lots of time to pray, so I have been praying, for many of you, and our kids, and our future. It’s been good that way, really nice.

But tonight is the first time I’ve seen a computer all week, so I’ve been trying to catch up on some emails.

I think I have to go put the curtains back up in our bed room, so we can get to bed. I’m tired.


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