Anybody check out the New CBC Radio 2?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008
There was some good jazz running a bit last night but waking up to that strange horn/cuban/salsa/noised music this morning was a huge shock to the system.

I still prefer smooth classics at dawn, for waking up to.

And Tom Allen, who is still the morning guy... I like him but getting used to him announcing contemporary urban music is weird to my mind. My sleeping mind says "Ahh Tom with his good conversation leads to wonderful music..."   NOT. 

Screeching halt.

I'll have to find another wake up station.


  1. Well, don't bother with 92.9FM The Bull. This morning they reported on the news of an attack on a 37 year old man by two native children (yes they used native) and that Saskatoon was eliminating the 30Km/h speed limit in high school zones, but keeping it in other school zones.

    The truth is that the attackers were two boys dressed in black (of unknown background besides the fact that a news station would never release that information if they had it) and in fact Saskatoon city council shot down the reduced speed limit removal proposal.

    92.9FM the Bulloney.

  2. lol

    You should get a job in their PR department.

    "The Bulloney"


  3. I had Radio 2 on as I drove off this morning. What they are playing in the early morning is too jarring to my system too. I simply turned it off. Quiet was better. But quiet doesn't work too well as an alarm so I will be playing something on my CD if I want music to wake to.

    Whatever happened to classical?


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