"I can see clearly now the rain is gone"

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There are seasons of life when we only see through the glass in unclear ways.

And we stress and we strain to see what we need to see, but for the time being, it's fuzzy.

It doesn't mean our eyes are broken, or that what we see is unreal. It may just mean that our vision is resolving and hopefully becoming more clear.

It may also be an invitation to believe what we think we see. To step out in some measure of faith, and see if it is indeed real.

...or it may just be a rained on windscreen.


  1. Wow. Your posts get more mysterious by the week.


  2. Yeah, I've taken to writing like St. Paul did.


  3. Sometimes we're that windscreen.

    And sometimes we're the bug.

    But I think this one isn't *that* mysterious,at least in general terms.

  4. No, not in general terms. But I always tend to wonder what prompted this blogger (not Randall specifically) to post this particular entry. That makes it mysterious.

    Of course, it could simply be a thought that came to mind.

  5. It is sort of a mystery. But that is sort of what working through life's challenges is most of the time - the mysterious ways we are called to put one foot in front of the other with whatever vision we have at the time and trusting that those steps will get us to those parts of our story that are meant to be but that we can't see yet.

    You are gracious to allow us to look - or try to look - with you. Thanks for trusting us to know some of your struggle and not pretending to see things any more clearly than we do when we face the same sorts of life questions.


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