Google's new browser, Chrome

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
This is my first post using Google's new browser, Chrome.

She seems fast and simple, and so far it does a good job on the webpages I view.

There are a few things that I regularly take two or three steps to do in Firefox, but in here they seem intuitively built in to the software.

So far, so very nice.

Lets see how this develops.


Check for yourself;


  1. I downloaded and ran it just now.

    On my work computer.

    As I hoped, it's so new the IT dept. hasn't deployed against it yet. Just hope if I have a working install and don't update that it'll continue to work when they update account settings to block it like they do other software.

  2. So far I'm quite liking the thing.

    I really like the minimalist design of it, and keeping each page isolated within its own tab is something I've wanted to see for a while.


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