God did it. Jesus did too.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Today has been a day of trying to recuperate. To find our rest and let our spirits catch up with us. I, again, was surprised how much that is needed after a week or two like the past weeks have been.

And then a call comes. Somebody has died, suddenly. She was a friend and church connected individual, so I immediately feel surprise and pain of loss. Before I let myself step into my own process of grief, I become pastor Randall again and listen to their pain. I begin to make calls, and calls come in to me. Before I know it, I am working once again. Working on my only day off.

If you know me, you know that is not a complaint. Some days life, and death just happen. No, it’s about me trying to take responsibility for my health and well being. I am relearning that rest is a needed part of my health.

Park on a quiet evening

But I am caught. People don’t just have needs from Tuesday till Sunday, people die on Mondays too. So I need to work today. And tomorrow will have more to do. I feel caught with not many options for rest.

And I’m up late, trying to process the death a bit, trying to process some other information I’ve received and am struggling to deal with tonight. The exquisite pain of being a human sometimes overwhelms us, and we loose our way, giving in to the pain we endure, getting lost, and loosing ourselves.

I don’t want that for myself, so I need to find ways to rest.

God did it one day a week.  Jesus ran away to do it. So maybe I should be a bit more direct with it too.

Of course neither of those guys was a pastor.



  1. ahh - now I know why you and your family have been much on my mind this day - among other reasons. It's so easy for one to say 'take care of yourself' - God knows, He understands - the birds and flowers of the fields come to mind. Being so overwhelmed with life happenings - I know the feeling well - be assured of my prayers for you. 'Hi' to Lauralea.

  2. Maybe I should come to PA and kidnap you for a few hours Randall.

  3. Ah, maybe i should let you!!


    Thanks Vanessa.

  4. "Of course neither of those guys was a pastor."

    So true, so funny !

    Which makes me wonder, is turning over tables legitimate stress relief ?


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