A bad day to have a Wall St. address

I was watching the financial news and reports on the weekend, and was a bit apprehensive to turn on the news this morning. A great many people are in a new world of hurt today as a result of decisions made by other people.

I don’t suppose the days events effect me that much, except that possibly the mutual funds my pension are invested in might see a bit of a hit. But I do know some people who are heavily invested, and they will feel some pain. Let alone the freshly unemployed workers of Lehman Brothers who filed for the biggest bankruptcy in history.

Bank of America said it would buy troubled Merrill Lynch and AIG slumped on fears that it can't raise cash. Last I read was that AIG might be declaring bankruptcy tomorrow morning which could unleash day two of this perfect storm in the financial markets.

Maybe just an opportunity to remember where our treasures are. I don’t want to sound trite when I say that there are things more precious than cash. Family is good. Friends who love you are awesome. A fulfilling job can be great. And a big screen tv is, well, just a big screen tv you sit in front of, watching alone without the family or friends to enjoy it with.

And you can tell where you keep your treasure and what it really is, by looking where your spirit or soul or heart spends most of its time.


That’s where your treasure is.


And before you go to bed tonight, it would be a good idea to send up a good thought, or say a prayer for those employees caught between a rock and a hard place this night. Tough decisions will need to be made, about treasures.


  1. Great post. Words like that need to be spoken more often these days.

  2. I just saw above that it was one year ago that I did that post on Northern Rock, the British bank that failed.

    What is it about Sept. 15?


  3. Reverberations from Northern Rock are still with us in these parts. Nothing like the scale of Lehmans I suspect, but still lots of individual lives affected, not to mention the sudden withdrawal of lots of charitable funding - the Rock did a lot to support community projects.


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