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Monday, September 15, 2008
I LoVe these things,

Miss Vickie's Rosemary and Basil flavour chips.

Just awesome with some cheddar cheese.

Lately snack foods have taken a bad turn, need I mention dunkaroos?  But these things are renewing my faith in snackfood.

So new, their website doesn't even have them yet.



  1. Nothing like a good chip. My faith (in chips) was renewed when I tasted Sea Salt & Pepper chips a year or two ago.

    But...1:24a.m.? Seriously? I'm telling your mom.


  2. Mmmmmm, Miss Vickies are good..but I'd have to go for the seasalt and vinegar chips...I wish I'd known about those when I was pregnant! (salt and vinegar chips were one of my cravings!)

  3. I think Marc might've meant the seasalt & vinegar ones. But maybe he didn't. It's certainly going to make my decision harder when I get to Superstore in a few minutes...

  4. No, I meant Sea Salt & Pepper. I don't think there is such a thing as Sea Salt & Vinegar chips.

  5. Okay, we dealt with this when Marc came home at lunch. Marc was talking about LAY'S seasalt and pepper chips, which I thought was completely inappropriate since we were all talking about Miss Vickie's chips. Miss Vickie's makes Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. I know. I just bought some 2 hours ago. Miss Vickie's also makes lime and pepper chips, which Marc DID try last year, but apparently he was talking about and liked the Lay's seasalt & pepper better.

    Just to clarify.

  6. Thanks for the clarification! As a result of this conversation I have since had some miss vickie's seasalt and vinegar chips. MMMMMM!!!!

  7. See, now I think I need to stop at home on the way to search for some chips!


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