Firefox 3

Sunday, September 21, 2008
Finally, after months of frustration and an afternoon of googling, Reading, and tweaking, my Firefox 3 is no longer taking 90 seconds to load.

I've got that down to 9 seconds.

It was making me crazy.


  1. Do share! And share how to make it not suck up so much memory, too?

  2. Ok, lets see here,

    First I uninstalled all my extensions, and shut it down.

    Then I went to

    and deleted all.

    then i went to

    C:\Documents and Settings\Randall Friesen\Local Settings\Temp\

    and deleted all.

    Then I restarted it and without a hitch, 5 seconds saw the thing start up again.

    I was prepared at that point to uninstall and reinstall it, but that was not needed.

    Then I slowly reinstalled the extensions i really needed.

    which are:

    mouse gestures redox 2.0.2
    measureit 0.3.8
    abduction 2.026
    delicious bookmarks 2.0.104
    tab sidebar 2.0.1

    And left out some I had installed before:

    customizegoogle 0.75
    british english dictionary 1.19
    gmail manager 0.5.5
    canadian english dictionary 1.1.1

    that's all I did and there you go.

    Warning though, I did seem to delete a walpaper that was in use when i deleted those temp files, but I was willing to trade that off for the speed.

    Hope yours works as well.

  3. Does this mean Google Chrome just doesn't do it for you? (It's certainly lacking in the handy add-on department).

  4. it's been freezing up on me lately, very frustrating.

    I hope it gets better over time and I'll keep playing with it. But now that I've got this thing working faster, that helps.

  5. Yeah, it was doing some funny things for me, too, after the first day or two of use. I've since switched back to Firefox, which has too many neat features to be ignored.

  6. What? It's not a Mac.

    I feel betrayed.

  7. :)

    If Apple had a program for persons of the cloth to get hardware at reasonable prices, then I'd be in like flint.

    As it is, I have other things to spend my dollars and sense on.


    I do have an iPod though.
    Course that was a gift...


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