the score to date

House for sale, 5 days.

1 person came to view, and later decided to rent.

1 person drove past very slowly and people here thought the guy was looking at the house. I thought he was casing the joint.

2 new houses for sale on the next block. That makes 8, or 9. It's an absolutely crazy market out there right now, especially if you're selling.


1 homeowner who hasn't completly lost heart yet, but he can see it from here.


  1. rent the house to the people who couldn't get the mortgage, and that way you'll still be paying down your mortgage, and you'll have good renters, and you'll have the house as an investment until the people actually CAN get a mortgage or until you can sell at a good price. Easy Peasy!

  2. I will be praying for the sale of your house.

  3. I hear you Randall. When our condo wouldn't go on a market of highest bid it was trying.

  4. Well....think of it this way, if God wants you to move, God can sell your house......(spoken with faith, not sarcasm)

  5. Can you say "parsonage?"

    The church could buy it! Maybe provide an affordable space for a young pastor to get going in ministry at GCC....

    Not likely, I know....


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