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Saturday, September 06, 2008



The day turned out to be a long one, but the funeral was great. It turned into the kind where people are full of stories of how they were loved by the one who is gone. Real legit stories of care, from grandchildren and family and friends and two separate sets of co-workers. It was great, lots of laughter too. God was there.

I took some time to stop at the Chortitz Cemetery on my way home. That’s where my dad has a small piece of land that holds his physical remains.

He and I had a good talk except that I did all the talking. (just so you know I’m not crazy) It’s been a difficult summer and I’ve wanted to get there all summer, so tonight I just did it.

There are some pictures of the place in my Flickr account.

But it was a cool night out there on the harvested prairies. It’s been a hard summer, for reasons I won’t bother with now. And the days ahead will be difficult too, for a time. But hopefully they will settle down as much as my spirit has settled and is at peace.

Yeah, there’s nothing like the prairies on a September night. Big sky, deep colours, fresh air…

Now a bit of prep work here and I can head home. Micah just called to say Lauralea has arrived and I don’t want to miss her.




  1. Amazing picture ! I hope you continue to know peace.

  2. great picture!

    It sure is darn cold here today though isn't it? We were supposed to have a church fall picnic... don't think that's going to work out so well.

  3. ah, thats one thing i forgot to do before i left. i'll have to go there and see it for myself at christmas time. havn't been to see poppa for a long long time.

  4. I looked at your other photos on flicker, and noticed that dad still hasnt eaten the licorice alsorts I brought him for fathers day....he still is a slow eater.

  5. I nearly popped them open and shared them.


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