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Sunday, October 19, 2008
I am sitting in Gateway's worship service and Marc V. is beginning to preach. After the service we will be showing the house one more time, then we'll leave on our journey to the house beside the church in the field in Alberta.

The house is empty and clean. Goodbyes are said. Gateway's in good hands. And we are off on a new great adventure.

So we go, full of confidence that this is God and that he is leading us in this way.

I am excited.

Let's get this party started.

P.S. Marc is a good preacher.


  1. You might not read this until you get there, but my prayers for a good relocation and arrival go with you.

    In a way I'd love to do the instant transition, and I'm slightly jealous. But we had half the church in our home this afternoon, and I know that I love the people (just like you did yours) and will miss them too.

    Travel well my friend and keep in touch.

  2. "The Lord bless you and keep you...
    The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you,
    The Lord turn his face toward you, and give you peace."
    ~ Numbers 6:24-26

    My tears are only just beginning. May God go before you.


  3. It was pretty hard for me to walk out the church doors today (which you could probably tell...). I'm sure it was much harder for you.

    Safe travels.
    God give you all of the things you need.
    And I'm sending just one more hug...

  4. Man. There's always a delay in my tears...

  5. Never say goodbye - We"ll being seeing you. Take care, you lucky people, you. Oh, to be living in the middle of a field with your church beside you. My heart's desire will be answered when I see God face to face and He takes me to my little cottage on the outskirts of town. Wow! So, take care, my friends. God speed and above all, be happy"

  6. already missing you guys!
    Randall and Lauralea and all your offspring; you are fantastic. You are leaving a huge part of yourselves here, not only at Gateway but in our hearts and homes and families ...
    Thank you for being the vessel of healing to us. Thank you for giving us Ten+ years of genuine caring and love.
    Thank you for being friends and teaching us about acceptance.
    And thank you Randall for showing us servant-leadership.
    Did I mention that we'll miss you?
    Blessings as you go forward and thank you for your prayers of blessing for our future too.

  7. Randall; I guess as I write this you are already at your new post or, at the very least, in transition. As one of the movers that came and went from Prince Albert, I, too, am somewhat a member of the walking wounded. 5 of us had a great time traipsing (is that a word?)across Saskatachewan, and especially getting to know both Tim Horton's and McDonalds in the Battlefords. There is something both blissful and boring about crossing a chunk of Saskatchewan by car, a sort of drifting across the landscape and never too much in one solid straight line. It's as if the roadmakers wanted to make sure we traversed a bit more territory as we moved along. Anyway, the trip was great, you and your family were great, your son-in-law was energetic (thank goodness), and Prince Albert seems to be a busy place.
    Most of my co-workers had spent a part of their youth at CBC Prince Alberta back in the good 'ol days. And so going back to help move your belongings was also nostalgic. It was good to be part of something special, and so good luck in your new digs and God Bless.

  8. I am excited. To think that we are in such a place so soon. Who would have thought?! A new pastor already...God is good. I am still in awe of how He brought this all to be.
    Did someone say something about a party??!


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