Still moving

Friday, October 17, 2008
Third night up so late. My body hurts and I can't seem to talk in normal English any more.

Most of the contents of the house are in a truck outside. Not to much left to do tomorrow morning at 8:30 when the movers arrive again.

I had some deep thoughts about realizing why this is so hard, but I don't think I can communicate them well at this point in the game.

But i wonder if it's not about moving at all. It's about getting on with life without the kids around any more.

Tonight as I cleaned Thomas old room, that I really do miss them all, a lot.

Yeah, I do.

Anyway I'm off to sleep.



  1. No wonder you are hurting: so many life transitions all happening at the same time after a very stressful year of health issues, graduations, weddings etc. etc. etc. Most of us only undergo one or two of these events in a year or longer but your family has packed a lifetime of transitions into a few months. You are in our prayers.
    Dell and Sue

  2. thanks Sue for that reminder. It's true. Today Lauralea reminded me that it was a year ago now that this amazing year began, with a concerned Doctor.

    And all, we are now without Internet while we are on the road. So it may me silent a bit.

    Thanks for the encouraging words and even more, the prayers.

    Blessings on you all.



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