Moving stuff

You need to know that I am looking forward to moving and living in Alberta again. I'm excited about winter in a field, about living in the country, about becoming a country pastor and connecting with my roots.

I'm interested in getting to know new people. People who will help me be a better person. People who will allow me to walk with them and we will discover new insights in that community.


dang if this isn't the toughest thing I've ever done.

Today as Lauralea's piano was moved out of the house, and late tonight as I packed up my office and left for the last time, leave me feeling ill, and so sad.

Of course it's not the things, rather it's what those things represent.

Piano lessons, and singing and remembering how long Lauralea prayed for that piano.
And the people I've met and grown to love as we have met to pray and share life in my office.

I guess it's also a solid reminder that the kids are moving on with their lives too. Less and less will they be a part of our lives. And because of this work that we do, there is little chance they will ever live in the same town we will live in. That's hard.

Tomorrow the moving trucks come and we will take the next step.

It's just a little tricky for now is all.


  1. I darn near cried reading this. I'm glad I got to see Lauralea yesterday. Guess our hug last week will have to be enough to last until we meet at the Olive Garden in Edmonton some time.
    Take care, and safe journeys. My prayers are with you all.

  2. My prayers are with you and over you in these days. Once you are settled, I'll come for a service and a visit. God moves us in exciting and utterly terrifying ways, doesn't He? My heart aches for what you are leaving behind, but is filled with excitement for what is yet to come. Paradox, I think that about sums it up.

  3. not that this is similiar at all, but for kinda similiar reasons, no matter how old and rusted she may be, we will never get rid of our Landcruiser 'cos she's a symbol of where Steve came from. NEway, thinking/praying for you guys as always and look forward to seeing you next week sometime!

  4. ah Randall, we are praying for you guys. And we know it sucks.


  5. I think I'll start concentrating on your excitement in moving.

    Yes. I think I will.


  6. Hard days, Thank you for being open to God's plan. He will provide all you need. We are excited to see you...

  7. Been thinking of and praying for you lots! Focusing on the grieving at hand. The move for sure...but also the graduation, the wedding, the funerals. Lives forever changed.
    Read an essay from a book friends loaned me while recovering - the title is "Sad Joy - Glad Sorrow". Probably sums up exactly what you're feeling...although the 'sad/sorrow' part is overwhelming at present. Please know we know this...but are so very excited/blessed that you are following God here.


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