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Thursday, October 23, 2008

We continue to plod along, unpacking and sorting and moving stuff. Here are a few more images, updated.

You can see the whole pile of pics in my Flickr account.

Our Bedroom The Entrance

Front Room Kitchen

The Big Room we eat here

 This is where I get my snail mail The House Yep, he takes the bus Micah coming home

Yeah, it's going well.


  1. Like the bookshelves in the front room. Very nice.

  2. Loverly, just loverly. If I were the envious type ---- well, let's just say, I would want to be in your shoes. Anyway, I'm happy for you guys.

  3. Yeah, it looks great.

    Hopefully you can get unpacked and get some time to unwind and relax before you officially start.

  4. You just seem soooo far away....but I sure am happy for you. Get to see God yet???..just wondering...he said he'd go on ahead....

  5. The house is just beautiful. I wonder if you are getting my email? I sent you one last night.


  6. Very nice - you've been working too hard, I can tell. And are typical pastory people, travelling (relatively) light.

  7. What grade is Micah in? Does he get to go to Rosebrier? I always wanted to go to Rosebrier. It was like the creme de la creme of country schools in my mind as a junior high girl who just wanted to go to school with her camp friends :)

  8. Nice look place Randall. How is Malmo? I went to CBC with a bunch of Malmoites!

  9. By the way, you do know that you will need to keep posting updated pictures of you guys and your life out there every day, otherwise all of us in PA will go crazy... or at least I will...



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