The problem with garage door openers

Thursday, October 23, 2008
This morning I went to the garage to get another box and as I entered from the house, the one garage door was wide open. It freaked me out. Who opened it and how did it get open and how long had it been open and how many mice came in while it was opened?

Gross and made me jumpy. So I closed it and went back in the house.

A short while later I went out for another box and the same door was open wide, again. Now it was getting on my nerves. I was going to have to figure out how to lock the system.

As I turned to go back inside with the door closed again, it dawned on me, where were the remote openers that go in the vehicles?

I came into the house and found them in the drawer, at the back. Seems that every time Lauralea went into the drawer to get her scissors, or to return them, she slid the drawer and the openers were pressed and they would open the doors.

At least thats what I think was happening, and for now I choose that version of reality.

So much to learn.


  1. I would have gone a little more sinister and spiritual (ghosts and goblins) in my thinking, but you're probably right.


  2. Similar story when we lived on Erickson Crescent. Our garage door kept opening and closing too, but our opener wasn't being touched. Turns out our neighbor was testing out his new opener and it was the same frequency as ours. Freaky though...:-)

  3. maybe you'll have to get a cat for those mice that keep opening your garage door...:)


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